Jill Milan

  • Northern California
  • Vegan Weddings HQ | Jill Milan Luxury Handbags. Made in Italy.
  • Jill Milan offers handmade Italian clutches and other accessories. All items are vegan and made in Italy by Europe’s leading luxury ateliers.Jill Milan has been carried on the red carpet by Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria, and countless other celebrities. The company has also been featured in W, The Knot, Vogue.com, The Zoe Report, and many other leading fashion magazines. Our bags have also appeared in television shows such as “The Gossip Girl” and “Wilfred” and have been carried to movie premieres including “The Dark Knight Rises” (Anne Hathaway). “Les Miserables” (Anne Hathaway), “Django Unchained” (Kerry Washington), “Rise of the Guardians” (Isla Fisher), “American Horror Story” (Fiona Gubelmann), “Game of Thrones” (Stana Katic), and “Devious Maids” (Eva Longoria).
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Jill Milan uses no animal materials. We also donate a portion of sales from certain items to animal charities that help homeless pets and other non-profits that rescue horses at risk of going to slaughter.

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