raven + crow studio

raven + crow studio

raven + crow studio is a Brooklyn-born, Los-Angeles-based design studio that specializes in not being jerks.

Also, non-profit, corporate, and small business branding; logo development; hand-letterpressed invitation design; transitional print design; Web site design; marketing strategy; illustration; and art direction for print and the Web.

We like to say we make the world a prettier place in two ways—first, by being good at our job, creating beautiful, effective designs that grab an audience’s attention and communicate our clients’ goals. The second way is making an effort to work with clients who we think are actively making the world a better place. We enjoy partnering with non-profits that work in the environmental realm, sanctuaries that rescue mistreated animals, human rights groups, vegan-based businesses, and locally run, responsibly minded ventures. We love what we do day-to-day, but what keeps us going is knowing that we’re doing it all for a greater good.

The studio is essentially the two of us—husband-and-wife team, Troy Farmer and Katie Frichtel. We’re both long-time vegans, having met and found a shared passion for animal rights activism in college. While we occasionally outsource Web programming, copy editing, and some photography to a few trusted companies and freelancers, we’re the artists and creative force behind raven + crow studio and we personally work with our clients to fulfill their design needs. What’s more, we have a long history of working with vegan and animal rights companies and groups, such as MooShoes, Farm Sanctuary, Food Empowerment Project, and many others. Not that being vegan or working for vegans makes us good designers. But take a look at our portfolio when you get a chance and see if you like what you see.

We recently realized this whole internet thing makes it essentially possible to do our job anywhere in the world, thus our move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. We’ve kept up work with all of our East Coast clients, continued to work with existing West Coast clients, and are happy to say that we gain new clients all over the United States and elsewhere around the world on a regular basis. Using Skype, FaceTime, email, and good ol’ regular phones, we’re able to keep up effective communication with clients and have very productive working relationships with them all. We’re still holding out hope for some sort of awesome hologram technology within our lifetime though. “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you’re my only hope.”

Price Range:
$$$ Midrange

P: 323.645.7762
E: info{at}ravenandcrowstudio{dot}com

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