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  • VEGAN WEDDINGS HQ | Truth Beauty Makeup
  • Rachel Anne Stiles is a makeup artist based in the Lake County area just outside Chicago. Located conveniently between Chicago and Milwaukee, Rachel (aka Truth Beauty Makeup) is able to travel easily throughout Chicagoland and provide for all of your bridal service needs. Rachel also provides makeup consultations, engagement photos, studio portraits, and parties.
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Truth Beauty Makeup provides exactly what it sounds like- the truth about cosmetics and skincare. As a vegan, Rachel understands how difficult it can be to find luxury makeup that is cruelty free, benefits your skin and looks good! Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or against animal testing, Rachel will cater to your precise needs and make sure your wedding makeup is what you want it to be. She is always on the lookout for ethical changes within the beauty industry and tries to keep her kit as animal free and eco friendly as humanly possible.

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