A Vegan Valentine’s Guide to Vegan Valentine’s Guides

Whether you’re in love or just love love, Valentine’s Day can be a tricky time for vegans — Is that chocolate vegan? The wine? The candles? The Internet is an amazing place to find the answers so we’ve created a round-up of the best of it for you. First, our favorite six blog posts on vegan Valentine’s:

Flickr credit: QuintanaRoo


It’s one week to Valentine’s Day and you still haven’t ordered your sweetie any vegan sweets yet?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where you can turn for help:

Flickr credit: Wilheln

Haven’t made plans yet? From speed dating in CA and single mingles in DC to romantic multi-course prix-fixe gourmet meals and Valentine’s-inspired cooking classes across the country, here are some vegan events coming up:

We did find some that were already filled up (including this one!), so get to these as quickly as you can.

What did we miss? Your favorite vegan chocolate place to order from online? A vegan Valentine’s meet-up in your city? Tell us in the comments so everyone who reads this can see it!

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  1. Kristin February 5, 2012 Reply

    Don’t forget Purffect Pineapples Lingerie! They make awesome vegan and cruelty-free lingerie!! http://www.purrfectpineapples.com/

  2. Jorja February 8, 2012 Reply

    I forgot to add that it is UK only.
    But in the USA i do know the packets are available from Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc..

  3. Karie Bojarski February 8, 2012 Reply

    Available February 14th! Premium VEGAN whole-foods nutrition shake. I am happy to answer any questions you may have :)

    100% Vegan
    Dairy Free
    Lactose Free
    Plant Based Proteins

    Follow me on Facebook thru my Vegan Shake page :)

  4. Allison Rivers Samson February 12, 2012 Reply

    Thank you for including us, SArah! Happy LOVE month (we celebrate throughout). :)

    • Sarah February 13, 2012 Reply

      Happy love month to you too, Allison! If you liked being included here, wait til you see tomorrow’s video post!

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