Welcome to Vegan Weddings HQ, your one-stop-shop for exploring the world of cruelty-free nuptials. We are a resource website that shares real vegan wedding, proposal, and honeymoon stories; vegan-friendly wedding vendor listings; plus tips and inspiration via our comprehensive blog. First time with us? Visit THIS page to learn more about who we are and what we do.

We don’t believe that any two weddings should be the same, or that any wedding should be defined by seating charts, colors, or gender. We support traditional and non-traditional stories, couples, and vendors—as long as they’re vegan-friendly! Please enjoy exploring Vegan Weddings HQ!


Sarah Prager, Owner & Manager

Washington, DC

Sarah joined the Vegan Weddings team in 2011 after having her own vegan wedding featured on the site. After managing the blog and social media for almost two years, she became the co-owner with Kristin before adopting the site as her own. You might know her from the travel planning business The Personalized Passport or her LGBT history mobile app Quist.

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Kristin Lajeunesse

Kristin Lajeunesse, Founder & Advisor

Chicago, IL

Kristin launched the first vegan weddings website (you’re on it now!) on February 14, 2011 in response to a growing niche that needed a leader. You may know her from the Will Travel For Vegan Food cross country road trip project or her marketing consulting work via Kale Media.


Michelle Gerrard-Marriott, Charities Manager & Food Vendor Specialist

Los Angeles, CA

Michelle is a lover of all creatures. She is an avid philanthropist and loves to travel and give back wherever she can. Michelle lives a completely organic vegan lifestyle, and is very conscious of the environment and fair trade practices. Cooking and baking have been a part of her life since childhood and she is extraordinarily happy in the kitchen testing out new recipes and sharing them with friends, family, and anyone who wants to experience the exquisite beauty of vegan cuisine. Michelle runs a small organic vegan catering venture called Lilla Baci and writes a blog that includes enticing recipes and information on organic, vegan, and eco-friendly living.

Contact Michelle: michelle{at}veganweddingshq{dot}com


Chelsey Madore, Beauty Vendor Specialist & Instagram Manager

San Diego, CA

Chelsey is a passionate vegan, animal rights activist, and cat momma. She is also a freelance makeup artist who believes that outer beauty can be achieved with cosmetics and skincare that are cruelty-free. Chelsey also enjoys cooking, crafting, and exploring new things (currently learning Spanish and yoga!).

Contact Chelsey: chelsey{at}veganweddingshq{dot}com


Gina Herrera, Fashion Vendor Specialist

New York, NY

Gina works as a Fashion Merchandiser in New York City but spends her free time advocating for animals and the environment. Her dream is to merge her personal and professional passions and change the fashion industry to be more sustainable and compassionate than ever. She believes all things are possible with a little peace, love and coffee.

Contact Gina: gina{at}veganweddingshq{dot}com


Mandy Dunphy, Officiants & Decor Vendor Specialist

Tampa Bay Area, FL

Mandy is known to always be smiling, upbeat and making others laugh. Passionate about animals, books, her son, and vegan foods and products she joyously moves within the vegan community to help spread the word, while cooking up a storm and always learning something new.

Contact Mandy: mandy{at}veganweddingshq{dot}com


Jacqui Allouise, Travel Vendor Specialist

Boston, MA

Jacqui is a retail manager and book keeper for a small business, an ordained interfaith reverend and now Vegan Weddings HQ Destination Wedding & Travel Vendor Marketplace Specialist. She was raised just outside of Boston, MA in a large Italian-American family and spends most of her free time perfecting vegan-ized versions of staple Italian meals (her most requested from friends and family are her homemade manicotti and cannoli). Jacqui has been vegan and a dedicated animal rights activist since 2002. Recently engaged (January 2014), she and her fiancé are embarking on  planning their own cruelty-free wedding.

Contact Jacqui: jacqui{at}veganweddingshq{dot}com