Be A Guest Blogger

We’re always seeking relevant, quality content for Rose Pedals’ blog. We accept guest posts on a variety of topics and are willing to consider almost any angle so long as it fits with the overall theme of the site: vegan weddings, proposals, and honeymoons.

You’re welcome to guest blog anonymously or to include a bio at the end of your post, which is great for plugging your own biz – which we’re all about. :)

——— Quick Stats* ———

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*per month
updated: 05/03/13

——— Benefits ———

One of the best ways to get free exposure is through guest blogging. Here are just a few benefits to guest posting on Rose Pedals:

  • Free backlinks to your website/blog – up to three links in the author bio, up to three links in the body of the article (as long as they are relevant). These links will increase your site’s SEO.
  • Free social media promotion – whenever a new update is posted we Facebook and Tweet the heck out of it. And if you have your own social media pages we are happy to link to them during our social media updates and shout outs.
  • Blog posts remain in Rose Pedals’ archives forever. So your post(s) will be forever searchable for the existence of Rose Pedals.
  • You are welcome to guest post with us as often as you like. However, if you commit to posting at least once per month, you’ll be added to our ‘contributors’ corner. We’ll showcase your 120×120 banner on the sidebar, which is visible on every page of the site.

——— Basic Guidelines ———

  • Minimum 500 words (if more than 1,000 please break into two posts)
  • Articles must be unique to Rose Pedals
  • At least 1 photo (of no more than 500 pixels wide)/ no more than 5 photos unless permitted. If you don’t have a photo selected, we’ll choose one to go with your article.
  • Please, no affiliate links

——— How it works ———

We recommend submitting your article idea first. Please include a few key bullet points of what you’d like to write about.

Please submit your article idea to our blog manager, Sarah @ rosepedalsveganweddings . com. Once we receive your idea we’ll get back to you within a few days – once approved, please submit your article within the time frame discussed with Sarah.