Kate & Aaron’s Harmonious, Outdoor Gazebo Vegan Wedding

Aaron and I met when I was working at a Wellness Center and I contacted his Animal Rights organization to bring our center a Vegetarian Starter Kit stand. He came to personally deliver it, and we had immediate crushes on each other. Aaron has been vegan for 10 years and I have been vegan for 3 years.

Wedding location:
We had the wedding at The Irvine Nature Center in Owings Mills Maryland. We were married under a gazebo in the woods. Our family and friends were already there and the wedding party walked through the woods to meet them. It was magical and so beautiful. The cocktail hour was on a deck attached the Irvine Nature Center and the food and dancing took place under a big outdoor tent that they provided at Irvine.

What was the ceremony like:
The ceremony was short but sweet. We were in the gazebo with all of our family and friends in a circle around us. One of our friends, who also happens to be a Reverend, married us. We had a wedding party procession through the woods and it was pretty magical.

What parts of your wedding were veganized:
Everything was vegan. Our food was all vegan, our cake, our clothes, everything. It was a great feeling to keep it pure for our sacred day.

Was your family supportive of your vegan nuptials:
Yes, very supportive. They love that we are passionate about helping animals and support our lifestyle. They also loved the food at the wedding, which was all vegan, including some raw foods.

Tell us every little detail about the food:
Appetizers: raw vegan spring rolls with peanut sauce, pineapple and cucumber shooters,  and vegan chicken satay sticks. Dinner: butternut squash lasagna with Daiya cheese, eggplant and veggie strata, beet and lentil salad, Asian green beans, veggie risotto, and herbed dinner rolls. Dessert: liquor dipped Strawberries and vegan red velvet cake.

What was, hands down, the best part of the entire event:
Aaron’s family is Jewish so we had some great Jewish traditions come out on the dance floor. The greatest moment was Aaron and I being boosted into the air on chairs by our friends and family. We both felt on top of the world and there was so much love and celebration in that moment!

What was the most challenging part of the wedding planning:
Deciding what to eat. Our caterer had so many great options that deciding what to eat a challenge. But overall it was not stressful and it was just amazing.

Vegan vendor shout outs:
Brunie’s Bakery made our awesome wedding cake and  Zia’s Café made our amazing vegan food. Finally, Irvine Nature Center hosts lots of green weddings.

Do you have any advice to share with those who are currently planning their wedding:
I would say to not get stressed out, after all this is the greatest day of your life so make it fun. And on your actual day try to be really present and enjoy every moment. It goes by too quick.

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