Kristen is a vegan bride-to-be taking us through the planning process with her. You can see her last post here.

If you have a sweet tooth, the cake tasting portion of wedding planning will likely be your favorite. From traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and fresh fruit to…Chinese 5 spice cake with pumpkin cheesecake filling; golden carrot, pineapple, macadamia cake with coconut cream filling; cane sugar cake with caramel apple pie filling; and chocolate chip cake with chocolate/chilli cream cheese frosting (yes, those were really among the cake flavors suggested to me). The flavor combinations are virtually endless.

My fiancé and I recently took a weekend trip to the Hippie Chick Bakery in New Hampshire. The Hippie Chick, Amy, is well-known for baking vegan cakes, and prepared a lovely tasting for us. Upon arrival, we were greeted by her flock of rescued chickens. She rescues the chickens mainly after SPCA or other similar rescue organizations remove the chickens from unsafe and inhumane living conditions. When I asked her what becomes of the cute chickens when they’re done laying eggs for her non-vegan wedding cakes, she replied that they’re left to roam and hang out in the backyard. Nice life!

We were asked to select five cake flavors and five filling flavors from a pretty extensive list. We went with vanilla, espresso-soaked chocolate, marble, lemon, and pink champagne (seriously – how do you go wrong with cake dipped in champagne) for the cakes, and vanilla, Mexican chocolate, mocha, coffee, and mango fillings. We also selected dark chocolate ganache as an optional extra. Our favorites ended up being apple cake with fresh apples baked in, which we were given to try as a bonus, with dark chocolate ganache and salted caramel buttercream filling, and pink champagne cake with fresh raspberries, and Mexican chocolate filling.

I can’t say for sure whether or not we’ll change our minds between now and September. I’m thinking that more summer fruits, like apricot and strawberry, might need to be included in the mix, but the flavors I listed above were both really yummy combinations. A friend of mine, who recommended Hippie Chick Bakery to me, went with red velvet cake with raspberry crème filling, and chocolate cake with vanilla and coffee filling. He said the guests at his wedding devoured it!
If cake is not your thing, there are plenty more options. For additional food for thought, here is the rest of our dessert menu. Hope it inspires some beautiful, vegan dessert spreads!

  • Locally-made pies with seasonal fruits served with Luna & Larry’s vanilla Coconut Bliss ice cream;
  • Seasonal sorbet bar homemade by the chef at our Vermont venue;
  • Rock candy swizzle sticks for stirring Cuban coffee + Italian cappuccino (served with Pacific Naturals brand Barista Series soy blenders);
  • Plátanos Maduros (sweet plantains);
  • Miniature apple-cider donuts;
  • Lemon biscotti and cranberry-pistachio biscotti from Whole Foods;
  • S’mores made with Dandies marshmallows, Health Valley honey-free graham crackers, and Endangered Species brand chocolates;
  • So Delicious mini ice-cream sandwiches;
  • Colorful fresh fruit kabobs.

Find your local vegan bakery in the Rose Pedals vendor listings or at Happy Cow.

Kristen A. Powell has been a vegetarian for ten years, and a vegan for the last four. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her fiancé and her sweet, rescued Pomeranian, Lucca. She studied alternative dispute resolution at Pepperdine Law School, and environmental law at Pace Law School, where she was a member of the Environmental Law Society and the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. She is the editor of, where she shares her passion for living a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle. You can follow her on Twitter, and email her at

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