We met online. He’s a web developer and I’m graphic/web designer. So it was such a computer connection!

Where did you have the wedding:
Our wedding was outside in a beautiful garden/conservatory.

What was the ceremony like:
Very natural and organic. Set under a pavilion outside, with guests seated in the mist of over 6,000 beautiful annuals.

What parts of your wedding were veganized:
The food and some natural fiber decor, like burlap, was vegan, along with our wooden invites etc.

Is your family supportive of your vegan nuptials:
Most definitely. Although they wondered about guests not having any meat options. We decided to go all 100% vegan food, and of course the guests loved it!

What was, hands down, the best part of the entire event:
The food! It was very difficult finding banquet halls that allowed outside vendors to make our delicious vegan dinner however we found one and it was a success.

What was the most challenging thing that happened – during prep of or day of the wedding:
The most challenging probably was the heat it was cool all week, until our big day. However it subsided and all were pleased.

Do you have any advice to share with those who are currently planning their wedding:
Plan way ahead especially for vegan food, and make sure the food tastes, exactly how you want. Also be mindful of the seasonal crops that are at it’s peek, during your wedding – yum!

vegan wedding

Vegan vendor shout outs:
We had our favorite vegan restaurant, Inn Season Cafe, cater our entire dinner and cocktail hour. We had our 100% vegan wedding cake made by Big City Small World Bakery. It was chocolate and lemon with cherry fruit filling. All the decor created by me and my mother. She painted wall flowers/ foliage and arranged flowers, and I created all the invitation stationary; our invites were printed on wood.

How long have you and your partner been vegan:
We’ve both been vegan for five years now!

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