As a vegan crafter, I often get questions from my friends or on my blog about what materials I use.  If you’re used to using one thing, it seems unimaginable that a vegan, cruelty-free version is out there.  In reality, there are countless options for vegan crafters, so don’t feel like you’re limited in any way, it’s just not true anymore!  Here are just a few ideas on substitutions for craft materials:

Faux silk (Flickr credit: 88 Events Company)


Finding a replacement for silk is as easy as finding any drapey fabric.  There are synthetic versions of every kind of silk imaginable, cruelty-free and available at a much better price than silk from worms.  Large craft stores that carry fabric often carry many bolts of silk-like fabric, just be sure to read the information on the end of the bolt to find out the fabric content.

Bamboo felt (Flickr credit: HeartFelt 4 Kids)


Traditionally made from wool, felt can be found in quite a few vegan varieties.  There’s the standard acrylic felt, acrylic felt made with recycled fibers, and a new kid on the block:  bamboo felt.  Bamboo felt is a bit more expensive than acrylic felt but it’s amazingly soft and comes in beautiful vivid colors.

Glass pearls (Flickr credit: tillwe)


Pearls and mother of pearl are common in weddings, but there are alternatives for the vegan bride or groom.  Glass pearls are simply glass beads with an iridescent finish to mimic the look of pearls.  Glass pearls can be found at bead stores, craft stores, or online and usually come in a huge range of colors.

Plastic bone folder (Flickr credit: SyndProd)

Bone Folders

If you’re planning on doing any paper crafting for your wedding, you will come across a tool called a bone folder, used to give paper a crisp edge when folded.  The name says it all; this tool is very often still made from bone!  But there are alternatives out there – give your paper craft or general craft store a peek and look for a bone folder made from plastic.

KalaKala Hotakainen is a blogger, writer, baker, wife, and maker of things living with her awesome vegan husband in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and her blog.

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